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The Uppity Ladies

In this durational performative installation and public intervention, stilted ladies in turn of the century dress sip tea, gorge themselves upon cupcakes, and open perfectly wrapped gifts at their tall table. Hard-laboring garden gnomes labor to provide them this luxurious lifestyle. At first the gnomes work happily, but soon become disgruntled due to decreased break times and the excessive use of their bodies as croquet wickets. A passionate, chaotic protest ensues as the workers fan out into the audience with picket signs. The ladies' loyal butler tries to moderate to no avail, until they are offered peace in the form of cupcakes. Temporarily satisfied they get back to their work. 

Photography by Uli Loskot and Alexander Webb. Transmodern Festival, Pedestrian Services Exquisite, 2007. 

@#$%&!! (Goods of the Wood)

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