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Lichenvison: Lakeside Home, Leaf Litter Living Room, & Zoom Date

Lichenvision: Leaf Litter Living Room, Lakeside Home, & Zoom Date

Deconstructed and dyed vintage textiles, crocheted yarn; painted wood, and Zoom video. 4.5" diameter per panel

Lichenvision: Leaf Litter Living Room and Lakeside Home

Zoom video loop,11:52


Lichenvision: Zoom Date

Zoom video loop, 8:29


Over the course of several months during the winter of 2021, I built a room-sized textile environment in my Bloomfield Hills, MI apartment. Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, I took regular walks next to Crystal Lake at the former site of the demolished Lakeside Homes projects in Pontiac. During this time I began to see the ubiquitous Zoom interface and the connections with others therein as a tangentially physical space, and an improvisational performative medium. Lichenvision was a way for me to distill and share my work and experiences during an intense time of isolation and introspection.

Photography by Brian Kovach, Melissa Webb, Sylvain Malfroy-Camine, and Elizabeth Shoby. 

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