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The Temporary Nature of Ideas

13_Temp Nat II 01_edited.jpg

The Temporary Nature of Ideas was presented as a site-specific installation at the 2009 Transmodern Festival in Baltimore, Maryland and was subsequently mounted as a solo show at School 33 Art Center in 2010. Viewer/participants were given access to materials and presented with the following prompt:


"Feel free to use the space and materials provided to make a personal object in celebration of an unfruitful, unexplored, or abandoned idea.

Your object will be a tribute to this idea, once alive and vibrant in your mind's eye, but now retired and unrealized.

When you are finished, please use the clothespins and pulleys in the gallery to incorporate your idea into the growing environment."

Photography by Edward Winter.

11_Temporary Nature 2_edited.jpg
10_Temporary Nature 3_edited.jpg
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