Vintage Doily Reanimations II

I am currently revisiting the relationship between myself as maker and facilitator of experience, and the sensory perception of the people I engage to take part in my work. In doing so, I’ve experimented with new ways to share this work with wider audiences. The result thus far has been a series of color photographs, entitled Vintage Doily Reanimations, wherein I invite participants to immerse themselves within a prefabricated visual scenario. During this process, a responsive give and take develops as I continue to build upon the environment surrounding them, reacting to their unique personalities, bodies, and movements. In turn, those involved are encouraged to consider their bodies in relation to objects within the space. 

These portable, reconfigurable environments are assembled with textiles and textures that hold a history of care and consideration. Memory objects crafted by unknown hands, meant to be admired, shared, passed on, and coveted, brought into this world with an intention to saturate, obscure, soften, and protect the hard angles and surfaces of the domestic space.