Uppity Ladies

A live performance for the 2007 Transmodern Festival . Created by Melissa Webb, M. Jane Taylor, and Company.

In the original living installation, stilted ladies in turn of the century dress sip tea, sniff flowers, eat cupcakes, and open gifts at their tall table. Hard-laboring garden gnomes provide them this luxurious lifestyle.

At first the gnomes work happily, but soon become disgruntled due to decreased break-times and excessive use of their bodies for croquet wickets. A passionate protest ensues.

The ladies' loyal butler tries to moderate to no avaiL until they are offered peace in the form of cupcakes.

Satisfied (for now) they get back to their work. And so the cycle continues...

"Opulent overlings and unprepossessing underlings glide and tromp forth in a frolicsomeâ?¦ yet begrudging display. A highbrow coterie of long-legged, albeit dainty darlings shares a stilted co-existence with a lowbrow crew of the submissive stripe. A walk in the park with the Chic She's and Shabby He's of yester-year..".

Photos by Uli Loskot and Alexander Webb