The Temporary Nature of Ideas 2010

The Temporary Nature of Ideas, is a series of large-scale, livingĀ installations created from 2009-2010. Viewer / participants, using provided materials, weter invited to delve into the process of making with me, and to be a part of the growth taking place over time within the space.

This second incarnation was mounted for a solo exhibition at School 33 Art Center from September - November 2010. Featured performers were Kelley Bell, Theresa Columbus, Jackie Milad, Monica Mirabile, Nicole Shiflet, and Melissa Webb.

Viewer/particpants were asked the following via a sign on the wall: "Feel free to use the space and materials provided to make a personal object in celebration of an unfruitful, unexplored, or abandoned idea. Your object will be a tribute to this idea, once alive and vibrant in your mind's eye, but now retired and unrealized. When you are finished, please use the clothespins and pulleys in the gallery to incorporate your idea into the growing environment."

With the aim of iremoving the separation between the viewer and the work of art, as well as between the audience member and the performer, The Temporary Nature of Ideas, was intended to enable others to become directly involved with the work, and to give them a role in determining the ultimate outcome of the piece.

Photographed by Edward Winter.