The Temporary Nature of Ideas 2009

The Temporary Nature of Ideas was a large-scale, four-story, interactive rooftop installation featured at the 2009 Transmodern Festival. In action for the three nights of the festival, and visible from all floors of the building the festival occupied, the installation grew as participants (patrons of the festival) added their own elements using provided materials.

A sign on the wall read:

"Participants are encouraged to use the provided materials to make an object in honor of an unexplored or abandoned idea. They are invited to create a special tribute to this idea, once alive in thier mind's eye, but now retired and unrealized. When they finish the object is sent downward on a pulley into the space, where it is placed lovingly amidst the growing landscape."

Each participant's "idea object" was re-appropriated into the installation by costumed performers Melissa Webb and Theresa Columbus, who were stationed inside the installation for the duration of the festival. Roving costumed performers, Spoon Popkin and Lee Sinowski roamed the 4 floors of the festival, encouraging festival-goers to make an object in order to take part in the piece.

This is the first of two incarnations of "The Temporary Nature of Ideas", mounted at the 2009 Transmodern festival in a four story light well at the H&H building. It was on a rooftop surrounded by windows, which festival goers could peer down from to observe the space.

Photographed by Eddie Winter.