aminibigcircus' Sorry for the Coldfusion

Costume design and execution, as well as live performance for aminibigcircus' production of Sorry for the Coldfusion, performed at The Theatre Project, and The Creative Alliance (2008). aminibigcircus is a collaborative group working in the areas of live performance, film, and music.

Julie Anderson
Christopher Skokowski
Steven Dewey
& Melissa Webb

Photos by Scott Pennington

Melissa worked with live performance and filmmaking troupe aminibigcircus from 1998-2008, mounting Sorry for the Coldfusion in thier final year together. aminibigcircus' film, Cari Amici", Our Magic Show Moovee, was presented along with the performance of Coldfusion. Over roughly a 10 year period Melissa served as the primary facilitator of visual elements for the group, whose initial roots came from the study of physical theatre. aminibigcircus created in a fully collaborative and emmersive manner, producing two films and mounting many live performances, some in a traditional theatre setting, and many performed in the public sphere at diy venues, festivals and other art centric events. Most pieces were abstract in nature, yet with often political or socially concious undertones, using movement and process of gesture-building to communicate thier ideas.